Plainsboro Preserve Engagement Photography – Adam + Liz

There is something about unrequited love near the office water fountain that brings out the eternal romanticist and also, apparently awakens the sleeping poet in all of us and sure enough, we were presented an opportunity to record a love thus formed.  Our assignment to capture into pixellated poetry, a love story that blossomed over looming deadlines at the work place had my wife, Leena re-affirm her faith in the prowess of the bow and arrow of Cupid even over dusty office files and excel sheets.

Adam and Liz were colleagues at the work place when Cupid struck them and they had picked out their favorite haunt where they had shared many of their lunch sandwiches, the magical Plainsboro Preserve park in Princeton for the photoshoot.

With the leaves turning a bright crimson, nature was poetry when we met the couple in the park, an hour before sunset. The park offered spectacular trails and even herds of friendly deers for company. We almost captured a curious deer approach our love-smitten couple, but alas, we couldn’t salvage the picture; Liz, was so preoccupied with the approaching deer, she looked away just as our shutter clicked and the deer bounded away! A shot missed but there is always another time because we sure are going to be back to this wonderful locale with other couples. Thats how much we loved the park! Also, next time, perhaps we get a more cooperative deer ready to do some posing!

 We soon discovered that Plainsboro Preserve is a secret hideaway, that offered spectacular locales that could elevate even the most of casual of clicks and poses. We placed Adam and Liz in this natural landscape and the earthy tones and colors that ensued was pure magic.

Liz and Adam, had has walk down the trail to their secret rendezvous. It was the tip of a trail path and it offered a spectacular shot of the park. As they sat at their favorite bench, at the end of the photo-shoot, looking far into the horizon, we shot perhaps the best picture of the two that tells their story- of love, companionship and trust, at work, at play, and in life forever. We look forward to capture their wedding day next summer.

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