Asbury Park, NJ Beach Engagement Session at Sunset – Clara & Thomas

Clara is a brave girl. She was willing to suffer for art in pursuit of her dream engagement pictures and we have great respect for someone that’s as engaged and passionate as we are in pursuit of that perfect shot. It certainly makes our job easier and the satisfaction we get when they appreciate the final product makes it all worthwhile. Thomas and Clara – we were all birds of the same feather, with a passion for nature and photography and willing to suffer in pursuit of incorporating the two together and so despite the near freezing temperatures we were there at Ashbury Park determined to capture the drama of the rocks and the waves and weave them into Clara’s dream pictures.

Cold weather is always a challenge especially in outdoor shots and add to that some waterfront and a shoreline with cold winds reaching nautical miles that could freeze a steaming hot cuppa coffee in minutes then only the truly passionate and committed survive.

We had this vision of Clara in a flowing dress and so we were delighted with her choice of the dress. It was both nautical and practical for a day at the beach even though it clearly wasn’t a beach day but with their wedding merely a few weeks away we did not have the choice of a more warmer day to do their engagement pics. Clara and Thomas patiently waited in the cold waters as we waited for the waves to reach a crescendo. The pictures, well, they speak for themselves.

A total delight of colors and light and shadows, wind and a setting sun.

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