Frequently Asked Questions

How much investment would be needed to avail of your services?

We like to work with couples that truly value and appreciate good photography. If you’re looking for an artist, someone with a solid reputation and years of experience who is constantly investing time and resources into learning and enhancing their craft, and constantly evolving as a result, then you’ve come to the right place. Though we understand each couple has a budget to work with, we strongly feel that price should not be the only deciding factor when hiring someone to document one of the most important days of your life. We often hear horror stories of how poorly someone’s wedding images turned out when the price was the only deciding factor.

With this being said, since each wedding is unique in its own way, we like to meet with every client to learn more about their wedding day and go over different options. Investment can vary greatly depending on the number of days (for multiple day weddings), # of photographers, location, total hourly coverage, number, type, and size of the album, number of pages in the album. Our most common wedding package includes 2 photographers with whole day coverage,  Engagement Session, High-Quality digital files with full rights to you, Full Edit and enhancement of all delivered files, password protected online gallery, iPhone/Android app with your selected pictures and more…

How soon should we meet with you, how do we save our date and how does payment work?

 Most of our weddings are booked 4-12 months in advance. An early booking can mean savings as prices are subject to change at the end of each calendar year. Dates can fill up quickly, so we highly recommend scheduling a meeting with me as soon as you have your date finalized. A $500 retainer (deposit) along with the signed contract is required to hold your date. We can not, under any circumstances, reserve a date without these two things. The retainer fee is non-refundable as it is payment for me marking my calendar off. The remaining amount is due at least 2 weeks before the wedding. You can pay the fees either by cash, check or Credit Card.

Can I provide you with a list of all the photographs that I want?

You surely can provide a list of photographs. Please keep in mind our style is very natural and we prefer to capture moments as they happen. If we have to be constantly checking a list all day long, we run the chance of missing some awesome moments.

How many images can I expect?

We average about 60 – 80 images an hour during an event. This is just an average and not a guaranteed amount. This number can vary depending on the level of activity at the event

Do you only photograph weddings?

While our main focus tends to be weddings, we offer a variety of services! In addition to weddings and engagements, we offer boudoir, lifestyle, newborn portraits, family portraits, headshots, and events!

Do you deliver every image you shoot?

No. We remove duplicate images, missed focused images, shots that are unflattering and other images that we think are not up to the standard of our quality. Since we shoot with low apertures, sometimes we take a few extra images to make sure we have the perfect focus. We don’t expect you to have the time and energy to go through each image to select the one with the sharpest focus, so we spend hours doing that on our end. We might snap a few extras of all the moments to make sure we have a great shot with the ideal expression for the moment. With our expertise in processing many images, we may eliminate ones that we feel are duplicates and only deliver the best one.

When can I expect my images?

An email with a link to your online gallery will be sent within 8-12 weeks after the event. This is a password protected area and it’s only accessible to you. You can download all the high-quality images from our online gallery. You have the option to share the gallery with your friends and family. You may also order Professional Prints from your gallery including canvas prints and other photo products.

My venue is very dark. How do you handle this?

We use several different types of lighting for all situations that are thrown at us; some lights are flashes and some are lights that are constant. We are prepared to shoot in any environment, regardless of the available light.

Are we able to print our own pictures after we receive the digital files?

You have the full rights to all your images. So surely you may print it your own, although we highly recommend ordering any enlargements through me. Having prints made at your local stores can produce disappointing results. When we release digital files, we run the risk of having my name attached to not so good quality work because these local print kiosks are not calibrated with my monitor. Skin tones will become orange, blacks will not be true black, and images can look green. Simply put, the true to life images we see on my screen will not appear the same when printed. Printing on your own means you are printing at your own risk. We deal with professional print labs whose printers are calibrated with my monitors, which means accurate, true to life color reproduction. We can also provide you with a plethora of finish options other than just glossy or matte.

Do you do any editing/post-processing?

Since all images are shot in RAW format (this is a different format from jpg files) each photo needs to have certain processing done before being exported into a readable jpg. All images are processed using Adobe software.  Our post-processed images will look natural, vibrant, clean, and crisp.

What if I lose my digital photos?

We back up your images and store in two different places and it will be with us forever in case you lose your digital images.

Where are you located?

We reside in Princeton, NJ. However, we are available for travel anywhere and will also consider destination weddings.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes. Our insurance info is available for venues, upon request.

We are very busy and won’t be able to meet in person. What other options are there?

We’d love to sit down and have coffee, but if you are unavailable to meet in person, we can always talk via phone, Skype or Facetime!

What type of equipment do you use?

We use only professional grade Nikon equipment, full frame camera bodies, high-end lenses, and lighting. Backup camera’s, memory cards, etc are also always at hand in case of camera/memory card malfunction(which has never happened). We shoot with two cameras at every wedding. Here’s a list of some of the equipment we own:

  • Multiple Nikon Full Frame Bodies (Nikon D800, D810 & D750)
  • Nikon 17-35 f2.8
  • Nikon 24-70 f2.8
  • Nikon 70-200 f2.8
  • Nikon 200 f2 VR2
  • Nikon 14mm f2.8
  • Nikon 85mm f1.4
  • Nikon 105mm f2 Macro
  • Nikon 50mm 1.4
  • Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art Series HSM
  • Flash Point Studio Strobes
  • Multiple Nikon Speed lights (SB-910s & SB-700s)
  • Pocket Wizzard Mini & Flex Radio & R2 Triggers
  • Rotolight NEO

How do I reserve you for my date?

All dates are reserved once we receive your signed contract and deposit.

What are your payment options?

You can pay us either by cash, check or credit card.

Do you have a second photographer?

For most weddings, Johns & Leena shoot together. We both have similar styles. We feel it is very important to have an additional photographer at a wedding so that scenes can be captured from different perspectives. Having a second photographer also enables two different scenario’s to be covered. For weddings with over 500 guests, we would highly recommend adding a third photographer.

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