A Princeton University Wedding Photo Session in the rain – Tracy & Vlad

Inclement weather can fray nerves and upset any bride and groom on their special day but these two very special people were not letting a droplet or two or even a downpour for that matter, ruin their big day.  In fact, the union of Tracy and Vlad was a relaxed, sweet-paced affair at the hallowed Princeton University grounds and weather gods be damned, nothing was going to ruin their special day! Not wet hair or wet hemlines!

The day started with a slight drizzle that soon turned into a downpour of almost torrential proportion that could have made any bride frustrated but Tracy was as calm as a summer sea. As mother nature changed her mood, we quickly worked at re-thinking some of the shots we had initially planned that were now not possible because of the rain. The danger to equipment and camera lens notwithstanding, the results were some beautiful shots of the couple. The cloudy skies, water droplets, and the water puddles in fact served up some drama to some otherwise ordinary shots.

Weather conditions are outside of human control and one can either let the bad weather ruin a fabulous day that took many months to prepare for or one can go with the flow and work the weather to one’s advantage and we are glad Tracy and Vlad decided to trust us with the shots and incorporate the weather into setting the mood for the pictures.

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