North Jersey Wedding Photography at Verona Park & The Fiesta

There is no bond quite like a father and his daughter. It is special, magical and unbreakable and during the heightened emotions of the big day, when he sees his precious little girl step out as an angelic bride, ready to be given away to the man who has conquered her heart, it can be heart tugging and bittersweet and we caught this father with a few tears rolling down his cheek.  They were tears of pride and happiness, of seeing his precious child become the dazzling bride and sweet person that she has become. And though many may say that, “Fathers can’t express their feelings out loud” our North Jersey bride and her old man set out to prove that statement wrong. It was clearly evident that for this father, his little girl was still the center of his universe.

On the wedding day, we met our bride Jennifer in North Jersey at the Elite Hair Salon in Hasbrouck Heights where she and her band of girls were getting primped and primed for the big day ahead. While lipstick shades were being swatched and hair curlers were on double duty, our bride couldn’t wait to meet her dad. She wanted her dad to have a “first look” and as soon as the last spritz of hairspray settled her beautiful auburn hair into place, she bounced out of her room, in anticipation of her special moment with her dad.

The first look & the bridal photos were done in the beautiful Verona Park in Verona, NJ. Fall had just kissed the summer leaves and they were just set alight with yellow and orange rims of color. Framed against this backdrop, Jennifer’s dad spun around and couldn’t control his the floodgates of emotions that overpowered him. We were there to click his face turn from controlled to bewilderment and amazement as he beheld his little angel next to him.

The groom was next and we repeated the “first look” but this time with Darron, her handsome groom. Verona Park provided us with lush pathways to picture the bridal party. We had them simply walk up a pathway, all of them excitedly talking about the day ahead adding that touch of naturalness and pulse to the picture.

The wedding at The Fiesta Banquet Hall in Wood-Ridge, NJ was a fun and intimate affair. One of the highlights was the father-daughter dance and as soon as they stepped on the dance floor, the bride surprised her dad with old video reels of them along with her mother, a young happy family. The emotions in that room was palpable and there was not a single dry eye in the room.

We were blessed to have an opportunity to capture these heart tugging memories for our bride and groom and she was ecstatic with her pictures.

Best Wedding Photographers in Princeton, NJ

Best photographers, ever! From our engagement shoot to our wedding day, Johns captured every moment with perfection! He was absolutely brilliant from start to finish! Professional, efficient, friendly and, most importantly, the photos tell the story and bring back every feeling from our wedding day !

Everything was perfect, from the communication, quick turnaround and nearly 800 photos which we will treasure forever! I can’t believe the shots that were captured while being practically invisible on our wedding day!

We could not have asked for a better photographer! Thank you so much!

-Jennifer and Darron

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