The war of the HD face powders. And the winner is….


Eva Longoria – Under-eye HD disaster


Drew Barrymore HD powder disaster?


Nicole Kidman ‘kid’ding around with HD powder?










The competitors:

  1. Make Up For Ever HD face powder
  2. Ben Nye Banana Face Powder
  3. ELF Studio HD powder
  4. Eshiko Ultra High definition powder
Banana Nye

Banana Nye powder in Beige Suede


Make Up Forever HD powder




Eshiko Ultra High Definition Powder







The competition:      

Points were awarded on –




Qualities looked for Ben Nye MUFE HD ELF Studio HD Eshiko Ultra HD
Was it truly undetectable on HD camera? YES NO!!! If the product was not buffed in properly, it left areas of “whiteness” on face. To be used sparingly ONLY. NO. Has to be used sparingly and with a kabuki brush preferably YES
Prevent mid day oiliness YES NO NO YES
Provide brightness YES – Due to the yellow / beige color YES, but not in a good way – more white bright than a natural brightness Yes..but in a similar way like MUFE HD Went on virtually untraceable although it is a white powder
Pore size Looks reduced Looks reduced Looks reduced Very reduced
Product content versus cost Best value for money. Available in 3oz and 8 oz. Prices from USD 9 to USD 26 depending on size Most expensive of the lot. USD 34 for 0.3 oz Great value for money USD 6 for 0.28 oz (8gms) Very small product quantity for the price. USD 29.50 for 10 gms(Reg price: USD 45 for 10 gms)
Claims by manufacturer Ultra-neutral powders provide superior matte and subtle finishing. The Ben Nye Bella line of powders are translucent with just a hint of color Made of 100 percent-mineral silica, it softens the appearance of imperfections and completely evens out the complexion. Universal shade. Creates a ” soft focus ” effect to the skin. Masks fine lines and imperfections. Soft and invisible powder is great for on screen and everyday wear. At 10 nanometer it is the smallest powder particle that will melt into your skin, hiding pores and making skin radiant. Absorbs sweat and oil 15 time sits own weight
Will I buy again YES NO Will buy the corrective yellow shade and not the translucent Yes

WINNER…(drums rolls please) : BEN NYE BANANA POWDER!

The pictures of Eva Longoria and Nicole Kidman might make you think that they did not check themselves out in the mirror before they stepped out for the cameras or that their make up artist did this to them on purpose for some sinister reason. :P There is no mistaking that the culprit, in all of the above are HD powders. Virtually undetectable to the naked eye;  and that includes the eye of trained make-up artists; the whitish cast pics up on a HD camera! Oh! the horror! of putting on a powder that claims to be HD when it does the exact opposite! But in defense of the HD powders, one has to have a very slight hand in using the HD powders and they always have to be buffed in. The Ben Nye powder and the Eshiko powders do not provide such a challenge.

This is what I do:

I use the Banana Nye powder around the eyes to set my concealer. It does not leave the dreaded “panda-eyes” effect that both Eva Longoria & Nicole Kidman are guilty of sporting in the picture. Because of the beige-apricot yellow color it brightens up the under-eye area and neutralizes any discolorations. I usually use the powder excessively around the eyes and once I am done with my eye makeup, I buff out the excess. I then use a velour puff to press the powder in. For the rest of my face especially in places where I have pores (like around my nose), I use the Eshiko face powder that does a decent job of concealing the pores. So, I use a combination of the two powders and when I am in a hurry, I see myself reach out more for the Ben Nye powder alone as I love the way it brightens my complexion.